Africa Relief Appeal Foundation (ARAF)

ARAF provides humanitarian and educational supports to victims of natural disaster, civil wars and the deprived children in Africa.

Africa Appeal Relief Foundation (ARAF) is the practical arm of the Africa Christian Fellowship (UK & Eire), a Christian charity founded in the 80s.


ACF provides Christian support, not only to the local community and her members, but also new international students who they welcome into UK by holding annual welcome parties,to give them an opportunity to interact with people from their own countries to alleviate the effects of nostalgia and facilitate acclimatization. ARAF provides humanitarian and educational support to victims of natural disaster, civil wars and the deprived children in Africa. Since the launch, ARAF has lived up to its vision by sending aid to the project beneficiaries in Africa over the years.

Why the Africa Relief Appeal Foundation (ARAF)?

War, tribal conflicts, political and economic instability as well as man made and natural disasters have brought untold suffering to millions of people in Africa. Many Children are forced to survive alone; sickness and malnutrition are a common experience. ARAF has been borne out of concern for the people and seeks to mobilise Africans and friends to become involved in rebuilding the lives of people who have continued to experience hardship, through no fault of their own.


The Foundation aims to focus on the provision of relief, through hope to the millions of people who are suffering as a result of war, tribal conflict, economic mismanagement, natural disasters and other forms of social deprivation. Our objects are:

  • To initiate and support social and voluntary work designed to bring relief to the needy;
  • To receive and make financial and material contribution to local groups and charities working in aid of those in need in the continent of Africa; and
  • To create awareness and identify ways of alleviating poverty associated with social and economic deprivation.

Who is Behind the ARAF

ARAF is an initiative of the Africa Christian Fellowship (ACF); a long established registered Christian charity. ACF has pioneered and supported many projects both in the UK and in Africa. Our main work in the last few years have been in the UK and Africa. Some of the projects supported in recent years include: the supply of medical equipment to a local Health Centre in Ghana, the provision of Gari processing plant to a rural Community in Northern Nigeria, Bible distribution project in Kenya and supply of Office equipment to a Christian organisation in Botswana.

What will ARAF do?

Working with local charities, churches and other agencies, ARAF want to be able to continue to provide financial and material support to projects in various parts of Africa. In view of this, we need your support. Our immediate priority will be to support projects with which we already have contact. Some of these are

  • Bomb Victims Trauma support work in Kenya,
  • Street Kids Project in Rwanda, and
  • War Victims in Sierra Leone.

You can support our work in general or specify which aspect of the work you are most interested in.

How Can You Help?

You can make the difference by taking an interest in the work directly or becoming a partner in a number of ways including:

  • Prayer: Whilst material support can help a great deal, it is our conviction that the work of ARAF would be most effective through outpouring of prayer. We therefore urge you to pray earnestly and trust that your prayers will bring hope to those who are suffering hardship.
  • Your Time: You may want to give some of your time as a volunteer to assist in fund-raising and other activities of ARAF.

Support ARAF

Please get involved in whatever way you can! If you would like to support the work of ARAF please email OR  you can write to: AFRICA RELIEF APPEAL FOUNDATION (ARAF), Africa Christian Fellowship, Crown House, 231 Kings Road, Reading RG1 4LS Let us know if you would like to:

  • Receive information on how to support ARAF financially on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a volunteer for the ARAF.
  • Receive a regular progress report on future events and our Newsletter.
  • To offer your time to pray for ARAF’s work.
  • To receive a regularly ARAF prayer card.

Our Policy

ARAF, although an arm of a Christian organisation is non-discriminatory partisan and will offer support, irrespective of race, colour, gender, nationality or religion. All donations will be thankfully acknowledged and receipt will be issued for all donations over £5 unless the donor deems this unnecessary. Don’t be a spectator Africa needs your help. You and I can make a difference and affect the lives of those who are in dire need.