The ACF has Branches in many cities across the UK and the list is growing.
We provide a spiritual environment for people to interact with God and be encouraged and inspired through God’s Word to operate life in a more fulfilling way.

ACF Coventry

Our vision is to turn each member into a powerful tool impacting our environment and reclaiming Africa for God. Our active commitments are three pronged: • Reach out for the labourers — recruiting agents of change that transform others and impact their environments positively.
    • Equip the labourers through investing in the development of members by means of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
    • Fulfilling our destiny of working ‘the Africa garden’ by positively impacting communities in Africa. 

For more details about our meetings please contact the Branch leader, Mrs Rachel Adikpe on 07533788680

We provide a spiritual environment for people to interact with God and be encouraged and inspired through God’s Word to operate life in a more fulfilling way.
We do this by
    • Providing a communal family setting where relationships are built and strengthened – a local avenue of giving ourselves to support one another in practical issues of life (Jn.15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends).
    • Engaging ourselves in wider avenues of life fulfilment through meeting needs in the larger African context in which God has made us stakeholders. We raise awareness of needs and facilitate peoples’ practical response to the needs.

ACF Reading

The Reading branch was set up in 1989, by Margaret and Phil Holder, then pastor of Wycliffe Baptist Church. Having discovered how lonesome and difficult life can be for foreign students in the UK, God gave Phil a vision to create a forum where foreign students can be assisted to integrate into the UK and their needs met. The Reading branch became aware of the other branches and joined them to make the national fellowship. Since it was established, the ACF has grown into a fellowship for Christians from all walks of life.

Whilst maintaining the vision of caring and supporting students to attain their noble goals at the University, the fellowship is now a forum for equipping and training. Christian ladies and gentlemen to make positive impact at the university, the local community and serve as a resource to local churches in many parts of the United Kingdom. We actively support and carry out relief and development projects in some affected areas of the world especially Africa. 

We meet at Wycliffe Baptist Church 233 King’s Road, Cemetery Junction, Reading RG1 4LS.
Sundays 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm.
Wednesdays 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm.
First Friday of every month, from 10.00 pm (Night vigil)

For more details about our meetings, please contact the branch leader, Mrs Esnat Tembo on +447427621532

ACF Newmarket

We meet every Sunday 14:00 – 15:30 @ The Stable – Cafe & Community Space. 65 High Street, Newmarket. CB8 8NA

Branch Contact – Evang. Kingsley UMANA +447438826875

ACF Bournemouth & Poole

We are excited to announce the launch of ACF Bournemouth-Poole. In a lovely atmosphere of praise, joyous members celebrated and rejoiced like never before. 

Branch Contact – Bro. David Muhumuza 07585508298

ACF London

We meet every third Saturday of the month.
For further details of what we do and where we meet, please contact our branch chairperson Mrs Rachel Alonge on +447505245780


ACF Cardiff

Under development. Please contact the President on +447747174565 for further information.